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Smoking Gun Coffee

Nicaragua, Byron Corrales

Nicaragua, Byron Corrales

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When we first cupped this light roast Nicaraguan in the roastery the tropical notes started flying at us immediately.

A big bouquet of pineapple, guava and passionfruit hit our noses and then we tasted some coconut and caramel to balance out the fruitiness and enjoyed the creamy mouthfeel. This one is juicy and sweet, yet complex. We definitely recommend this one for Aeropress and pour over fans. It's great on batch brewers too.

This coffee represents all the best aspects of light roasted, whole bean coffee: nuance, subtlety and diversity of flavours. 

PROFILE:  Roasted light and bright with notes of pineapple, coconut, and rolo. 

ORIGIN: Nicaragua
FARM: Los Pinos
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Maracaturra

Don Byron Corrales and his family begin working on the natural processed Maracaturra early; the Maracaturra coffee cherries are picked between 16-20 brix degrees and are sent out to the dry mill before 2pm.

To avoid the risk of fermentation occurring in the poly bag, the Maracaturra coffee cherries are laid out on the dry beds immediately upon arrival. Coffee cherries are never left in the bag overnight. This natural processed coffee is dried on raised beds for 21-25 days(depending on the weather), down to 12%-11% moisture.

Once the desired moisture has been achieved, the Maracaturra coffee cherries are pulped by machine using hydroelectricity generated by the natural reserve, but without using water and then bagged and stored in parchment for 30 days of rest.

After 30 days the Maracaturra coffee beans are milled, sample roasted, cupped and scored and then placed back to rest for another 15 days. The first Maracaturra samples are shipped out after 45 days of rest.

Award-winning Coffee

We are honoured and humbled to have been named Vancouver's Best Coffee Roaster 2023.

Read about it here.

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