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Smoking Gun Coffee

Peru, Swiss Water Decaf, Organic

Peru, Swiss Water Decaf, Organic

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Decaf is NOT a bad word. Decaf, if made with proper care and attention, should bring the same dynamic flavour profile as any specialty small-batch coffee.

This is our first time offering this specific decaf and we are loving it. Its origin is Peru, but it was decaffeinated in Delta, B.C. at the Swiss Water production plant. It's 100% chemical-free and 99.7% caffeine-free.

Swiss Water Process uses only water and a series of steps to decafinate coffee. Caffeine is water soluble and when the unroasted beans are soaked, they naturally lose a lot of their caffeine content.

From the folks at Swiss Water: 

"We use only water, temperature, and time to gently remove caffeine, while preserving all the coffee’s original characteristics. Our seal means you’re getting the very best cup of decaf, free of chemicals or residual processing flavours."

You can read more about Swiss Water Process here.

We roasted this coffee to a nice medium-dark profile to bring out its inherent sweetness and chocolate notes. There's also a toasty note and a bit of citrus hiding in there. We taste-tested it with a few customers and not a single one of them guessed that it was decaf. 

If you want a delicious cup of coffee without the caffeine, this is the bean for you!

PROFILE: Medium-Dark

NOTES: Marshmallow, Brown Butter, Cocoa

PROCESS: Fully Washed, Swiss Water Process



Available in 340g or 5lb bags. Whole bean coffee.

This coffee works excellent for a filter or drip machine and makes a great espresso as well.

Award-winning Coffee

We are honoured and humbled to have been named Vancouver's Best Coffee Roaster 2023.

Read about it here.

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Recyclable Packaging

All 340g bags are fully recyclable including the labels. They are made with LDPE 4 plastic.

Please check your municipality's instruction on recycling. They may need to be taken to a recycle depot in certain areas.

Ethically Sourced Beans

We take every step to ensure we are only sourcing our beans from ethical farms.

Learn about our sourcing practices here.

Home Brew Guide

Not sure how to brew whole bean coffee?

Check out our Brew Guide.

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