Why choose whole bean coffee?

As soon as coffee is ground it begins to degrade and lose flavour. You can only imagine how long that pre-ground stuff has been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store.

We roast all of our coffee to order and ship it out as whole beans, ensuring you have only the freshest, tastiest coffee in your cup every morning.

We never add anything to our coffee. All of our tasting notes are the natural flavours and aromas produced by selecting only the finest green coffee beans and thoughtfully roasting them to bring out their best qualities. 

Don’t settle for mediocre coffee. Create a morning ritual that you’ll be excited to get out of bed for!

For tips on how to brew whole bean coffee, read our Brew Guide.

Dark Roasts

Do you like bold, rich flavour profiles? A dark roast with notes of dark chocolate, toasted nuts or toffee might be what you're looking for. These roasts are great on drip or espresso.

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Medium Roasts

Far from the "middle of the road," medium roasts are crowdpleasers with tasting notes from chocolate and caramel to hazelnut and tangerine. These veratile roasts are perfect for drip or espresso machines.

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Light Roasts

If you're an adventurous coffee lover, our light roasts are bright with pleasing acidity and tasting notes ranging from blueberry to nectarine to floral. They can be tricky to dial in for espresso, but they shine on drip.

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