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Our Process

You should know where your coffee is from.

Thanks for wanting to know more about how we operate! It's important to know who you are supporting and we love to share our process and values. If you want to know more, please just ask – we're an open book! Contact Us to send any questions our way.

Exceptional coffee starts on the farm...

Smoking Gun Coffee works with several importers who ensure fair and equitable trade with coffee producers around the world, with a focus on eliminating poverty at origin. We source traceable coffee from small farmers, and utilize direct trade relationships between farmers and suppliers used.

This ensures that farming practices and ethics are observed, coffee pricing is fair and cooperative and investment into the development of small farms is made.

We've recently started to focus on visiting places of origin for the coffees we roast and serve. Read about Brandon's origin trip to Colombia on our Blog.

Roastery Manager, Katie, thoughtfully roasting coffee.

Bringing out the best flavour requires intention...

Quality coffee is only achieved by taking special care along every step of the journey from seed to berry, bean to cup.

We are committed to telling the story of coffee from around the world by roasting it in a way that allows the coffee to express its unique flavour profile, and differentiate itself from other types of beans and origins. Small batch roasting allows us to ensure quality, freshness, and frequent rotation.

Our motto, Coffee For All, keeps us on track in roasting profiles for every pallette. From geeky, single origin light roasts to robust, classic dark blends, we think everyone deserves to experience award-winning coffee that has been sourced with care and roasted with intention.

Smoking Gun Coffee is an inclusive, safe place for all.

Every Step Along the Way Makes a Difference...

Environmental sustainability and community stewardship are at the core of all our decision making. We care about coffee, but we care about people even more.

From sourcing green coffee from environmentally responsible farms to ensuring our packaging is recyclable to shipping every order with carbon-neutral shipping, every decision has an impact and we don't take that lightly.

We also actively work with our community members in Chilliwack and beyond to be good neighbours and to create a safe space where all people feel seen, welcomed and valued. We stand for reconciliation, inclusivity and connection.

  • Award Winning Coffee

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

  • Recyclable Packaging

  • Small Farmer Friendly

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Roasted With Care