Where our coffee comes from 

Smoking Gun works with several importers who ensure fair and equitable trade with coffee producers around the world, with a focus on eliminating poverty at origin. We source traceable coffee from small farmers, and utilize direct trade relationships between farmers and suppliers used. This ensures that farming practices and ethics are observed, coffee pricing is fair and cooperative and investment into the development of small farms is made.

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Illustration of coffee beans

Sustainably sourced

We work with small-hold farmers with a focus on fair and equitable trade, community development, and sustainability in the trade relationships from farm to cup.

Illustration of a coffee roaster

Carefully roasted

Regular, small-batch roasting to develop and accentuate intrinsic flavours and profiles. We want to help tell the story of coffees from around the world and highlight what makes them special.

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Earth conscious

Environmental stewardship and sustainability are at the core of all our decision making. We hope to continue developing earth positivity and reduce our negative impacts on the earth where we live, work, and play.