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Smoking Gun Coffee

Camp Smoking Gun | Limited Edition Roast Pack

Camp Smoking Gun | Limited Edition Roast Pack

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Join us for the first-ever Camp Smoking Gun!

What is Camp SG? It's a shared coffee experience featuring four exclusive mystery roasts crafted by the award-winning SG Roastery Team!

It's enough coffee to last you an entire month and each roast is inspired by the nostalgia of Summer Camp! And the beans themselves will knock your striped, knee-high socks off! We went all out on sourcing some rare varietals and we've styled this pack as a blind tasting. You won't know what the varietals in each bag are until you receive the weekly email - because guessing is half of the fun! 😲

Everyone who pre-orders this roast pack will receive:

  • four 227g bags of limited edition coffee beans that are only available to Camp SG participants
  • a limited edition and super cool sticker sheet
  • a weekly email revealing the roast of the week including tasting notes
  • access to the Camp SG online portal where you can share your opinion and tasting notes directly with Brandon and other participants
  • free shipping!

You'll also get to vote for your favourite roast to be added to our rotational line-up in the Fall. But, only if you're a part of the first-ever Camp SG!

How It Works

Due to the extremely limited availability, we are offering this as a pre-order item. Pre-order today and your box will be shipped out on Monday, July 31st.

After you receive it, every week for four weeks, you'll receive an email with Brandon's tasting notes on that week's roast. You'll also be invited to share your thoughts and opinions on the roasts with other participants and the SG crew!

There's a VERY LIMITED amount available so we highly recommend you pre-order today to secure your spot at Camp SG!

It's a coffee experience like no other and it's perfect for coffee nerds, caffeine freaks, Summer lovers, and nostalgia seekers - all are welcome to join us for the first-ever Camp Smoking Gun! Pre-order today!

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