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Wanna help out your favourite coffee roaster? Vote for us!

Wanna help out your favourite coffee roaster? Vote for us!

We've been nominated for a Small Business BC Award! Actually, two to be exact!

We are humbled and honoured and winning either of these awards would mean THE WORLD to us. As a small business, things are always a bit tough. We're not complaining - we love serving our community with tasty beans and treats day-in and day-out. But, an award that includes a monetary prize would be huge for us.

To vote, just visit our Nomination Page and click the "vote for us" button. You'll have to provide and confirm your email. It's an extra step, but it ensures the voting is accurate and fair. 

We've been nominated for Premier People's Choice and Ecommerce Experience. Why do we think we deserve to win? Well, we consider ourselves "the people's roaster" since we stand for inclusivity and Coffee for All. Putting smiles on faces in our Chilliwack coffee shop everyday is what matters to us. As for the Ecommerce Experience award, isn't this website fun?! We hope it is. We hope you find it easy to use, easy to shop and full of useful information. We also hope you find it visually appealing and bursting with personality. We want it to be BC's go-to online destination for award-winning coffee.

If you agree with any of this and you have two minutes, please consider voting for us. We would really appreciate it!

What would we do if we won? Well, we have a lot of projects on the go, but we would love to upgrade our roaster to make it more efficient for our Roastery Team. We also want to add automatic doors to our cafe so it's even more accessible for all people. We also love R&D on new coffee products like instant coffee and maybe (you didn't hear it from me) Nespresso pods. We also love to take our staff on field trips. Clearly, we could put the prize money to good use!

Anyway, first things first. Thanks to everyone reading this for your support over the years. If you want to vote for us, click here!


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