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Camp Smoking Gun is BACK and dare we say better?!

Camp Smoking Gun is BACK and dare we say better?!

Did you miss out last year? Well, now is your chance to get in on the nerdiest coffee-centric virtual Summer camp in all of Canada!

We can't actually verify that claim, but what we can verify is that the coffee we sourced this year are SUPER fun! We have some fun processes and renowned varietals we are stoked to share with y'all this Summer. Of course, the fun of Camp SG is that you don't know what the roasts are until AFTER you've tried them.

Blind tastings are not only fun, but they are a great way to explore the world of coffee and experience the subtle differences in each varietal, process, origin, etc. 

So, what exactly is Camp Smoking Gun?

It's a shared coffee experience featuring four exclusive mystery roasts crafted by the award-winning SG Roastery Team!

Pre-order your box and you'll receive four exclusive roasts in the mail and a bunch of other fun things! Each roast is assigned to a week, but we don't tell you anything about the coffee. Every week, after you've had a chance to enjoy the weekly roast and share your thoughts with the SG Community you'll receive an email with all the details brought to you by Brandon himself with special video and blog content.

It's enough coffee to last the entire month and it's a fun way to try new, super premium coffees. We go all-out sourcing these so expect renowned varietals and super interesting processes ethically sourced from across the coffee-producing world. It's like a four-week Summer camp for coffee nerds!

Each Limited Edition Roast Pack includes:

4x 227g bags of limited edition and super-premium whole bean coffee

Limited edition die-cut stickers and a sticker sheet

A "Coffee for All" magnet

2x packets of our new Instant Specialty Coffee

A weekly email with exclusive video content revealing the weekly roast

Exclusive access to the Camp SG online portal


It's an all-around super good time centered around enjoying great coffee and sharing a community experience with other coffee lovers across Canada. 

This is a very limited edition product, so if you're interested - don't delay! WE sold out last year. It's also only available for purchase via our website, but if you are a local, you can pick your box up in our Chilliwack coffee shop when it's ready the week of July 22nd.

Find out more about Camp Smoking Gun here, and we hope to see you at camp this Summer!


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