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New site, new us! Just kidding. Same us and same delicious coffee.

New site, new us! Just kidding. Same us and same delicious coffee.

We've been wanting to upgrade the experience for our online SG fam for a while now and we've finally launched our new online site. Plus we have a BUNCH of other new things that we are very excited about.

First things first, the new website is pretty slick, right? We are still making tweaks and adjustments, but we think it's a great aesthetic upgrade. We have an incredibly talented designer and photographer at SG, @kimdesignedthis, and she really pulled out all the stops. 

There are also some functional upgrades that should make it easier to find info like our Brew Guide and all the shops and cafes that carry our coffee. We also put a lot of work into making the product pages for our coffee a lot more visually informative with scales for roast profile, acidity, sweetness, etc. 

You'll also notice we've leaned into our "SG" nickname. We are and always will be Smoking Gun Coffee, but the Smoking Gun crew and supporters have been calling us SG for years now, so it feels like it's an official name. We also realize the implications of "Smoking Gun." To us, a smoking gun is the proof that something is true. As in, yes our coffee is good! We work really hard on it and the proof is in the beans. The beans are the smoking gun. But, the general idea of fetishizing guns isn't who we are and the imagery of guns feels antiquated and we haven't used it in a long time. It's kind of complicated, but hopefully that makes sense. 

Another exciting note is that we've gone METRIC. Yup, welcome to the future. Instead of 5lb bags, you'll see they are listed as 2.2kg. And, we are now offering 850g bags! We've heard from a lot of y'all that offering a middle-size would be nice. Y'all spoke and we listened. 

Another piece of feedback we've heard is "you should offer subscriptions." We've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make them work and they are finally ready to go! Right now we are offering a set offering and we've structured it like a "club." Subscribers get the delicious, award-winning coffee we're known for, plus some fun extras like stickers, magnets, merch and samples. You can set your delivery frequency so you'll get your coffee automatically, when you need it. We're excited about it and we hope you are too! Check'em out here.

We've also been tweaking our roast profiles over the last couple months and we are SUPER happy with the results. The TLDR version is that every coffee roaster (the actual machine, not the humans) has a maximum volume it can handle. But, maxing out the machine doesn't necessarily provide the most precise roasting. It's common knowledge in the roasting world and we found a pretty good sweet spot for our roaster. But, we are NEVER satisfied with "good enough" so we ran some experiments and landed on a new volume that is coming out beautifully. 

It's especially noticable on the lighter roasts where the nuance shines. Our Ethiopian roasts are tasting like friggin' blueberry juice! We love it. Let us know if you've noticed any change - good or bad. We love feedback.

Thanks y'all!


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