Get Ready for Some Woodsy Wisdom at Camp SG Week 2!

Get Ready for Some Woodsy Wisdom at Camp SG Week 2!

We hope y’all are having a great time at Camp SG! Week 1 had us splashing headfirst into summer fun with a fruit-bomb Ethiopian coffee. We thought we’d get a little more serious this week with Woodsy Wisdom.

Blind tastings can be intimidating for some people and we often hear coffee lovers preface their tasting notes with “but I’m no expert.” Well, here’s some real talk for ya: nobody is a bigger expert on your palette than you. That is to say, there are no right or wrong answers.

Not tasting the same thing everyone else is? That’s cool. We all have different palettes and different points of reference. Someone’s “dried citrus zest” might be your “yellow lifesavers.” And that’s a beautiful thing!

 That being said, it's still fun to share and compare so let's hear from Brandon:


PROFILE: Grapefruit, lime zest, orange creamsicle and a nice light body.

ORIGIN: Tekangu Coorperative, Kenya

FARMER: Tegu Factory



PROCESS: Double Washed

VARIETALS: Batian, SL-34, Ruiru 11, SL-28

The Tegu Factory is part of the Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society, comprised of 1200 farmers with around 100 trees each. The name Tegu comes from the nearby river and this area is famous for its agricultural production. These beans were de-pulped, fermented, washed and then soaked (second wash, oh yeah!) to develop the recognizable crisp acidity and sparkly characteristics. They were then dried on raised beds for 21 days, being manually rotated every few hours.

There you have it! A citrusy, light Kenyan coffee that has that signature tomato-y-ness while still having nice balance.

What are you picking up on this one? Share in the comments!

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Loved this one, hoping it comes back in regular rotation


Made this with my aeropress and really got lots of grapefruit with a clean acidity


Shared this coffee at our family camping trip and it was a hit with everyone!

Definitely get that “savoury-ness” and some nice citrus. It was great on aeropress. ✌️


Been loving this one— definitely get that “tomato-ness” and I really like coffee that hits more of the citrus fruits notes so this one is 👌


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