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Holy Smokes! Smoking Gun Coffee Named Best New Business in Chilliwack.

Holy Smokes! Smoking Gun Coffee Named Best New Business in Chilliwack.

It's still sinking in that we were named Best New Business in Chilliwack at the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards this weekend.

When we opened our cafe in downtown Chilliwack, it wasn't with the intention to win awards or regocnition or even to be "the best." 

Smoking Gun Coffee was started to create connections and to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming space where everyone feels seen. This award shows us that it's working. This award belongs to everyone on the team, and all our partners in life and business who help us make this dream a reality.

At the end of the day, we're just a coffee shop. We don't save lives or change the world. But, our entire team works incredibly hard day in and day out to create something beyond just hot bean water. This award shows us that our peers and our community see this and feel it. 

It's easy to dimishing award shows or see them as arbitrary, but winning an award like this is incredibly validating and during a time when it's so hard for small businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, we're just happy for a win. We sincerely appreciate it. 

You can catch the action from the Gala here

And here is Brandon's acceptance speech!

"Coffee has been a significant part of my healing journey this simple drink has the incredible power to facilitate connections with our selves, as well as with others. This was and continues to be the mission for Smoking Gun - connection. Connection is how we heal, how we grow, how we unite, and how we create vibrant community. Connection is the in water, and morphs them into the primer of gathering, relationships, celebration, empathy, and care.

attribute this award to the beautiful collection of humans who have united around the goal of connection - the Smoking Gun team - who daily endeavour to hold space where people feel seen, heard, and are allowed to be themselves. Who care deeply for each other, for their community, and acknowledge the honour it is to be a part of peoples daily coffee rituals. It is a great such incredible humans - this will never be lost on me. Big love and care to you, SG family!

What also will never be lost is the sincere gratitude we feel toward this community that embraces, encourages and supports us - it is a privilege to connect with you, and we hope you enjoy every sip.

Thank you!"

Big love to everyone who visits our coffee shop, enjoys our beans at home or just follows along on our journey of tumbling along on this wild ride of running a buisness and cultivating a community. We all share a piece of this award. 


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