From Seed to Cup: A Journey to Colombia to Explore the World of Coffee Farming

From Seed to Cup: A Journey to Colombia to Explore the World of Coffee Farming

Brandon is heading to Colombia to work on a coffee farm and spend time with the growers, harvesters and roasters to get to know our coffee and partners better. Read his thoughts, hopes and expectations below!

I am incredibly excited for an opportunity to expand my experience and knowledge base in this BEAUTIFUL industry by visiting farms in Colombia this month! It's very unique to work in an industry that relies heavily on the practices of producers that feel a world away - though technology allows us new levels of connection and communication, it is still very difficult to cultivate relationships with our farmers and their incredible products from here in Chilliwack. I've always had an enormous interest in the farming and production side of coffee - I've always wanted to know what it takes to get this incredible cup into our hands!

It's also an incredible time to be in coffee - there is an explosion of new science, deepening levels of understanding and unprecedented research going into coffee, including at the farm level. Naturally, this is a driver of the industry as it totally influences our coffee drinking experience. So here we go - Brandon's first origin trip!

I am joining our dear friends Juan and Rebecca from Tostana Cafe at their beautiful estate near Gigante, Huila. This is going to be quite an adventure - flying into Bogata, then driving 8 hrs deep into coffee country. My intentions for this trip were clear from the beginning - I want to know what it takes. I asked Juan to throw me into the process (where I wouldn't be a burden!), putting me to work throughout the entire production flow. I'm so grateful to be guided through this process by the beautiful people at Tostana, and to experience this with Juan will be such a gift. Juan has put together days of work for me at the farm, taking me through the entire cultivation/processing process. Our plan is to release a very special Colombian coffee feature later this year (that I've had a direct hand in producing!). I am also super stoked to be spending a day at a roasting facility in Neiva, roasting alongside some incredible Colombian coffee roasters!

Adventure - yes! Education - yes! Experience - yes! But more than anything, this trip is about connection: deepening our relationships with producers; increasing our base of knowledge; feeding our passion and expanding our appreciation for the INCREDIBLE humans who provide us with the DELIGHTFUL coffee we love!

Stoked to share everything with y'all!

Follow along on our Insta. I’ll be trying to add updates as often as I can. And I’ll be posting another blog post when I’m back to share what I learned, re-learned, felt and experienced.


Founder & Head Roaster

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