Looking for Instant Coffee that is actually delicious? Look no further!

Looking for Instant Coffee that is actually delicious? Look no further!

We are SO happy with how this coffee turned out and we are stoked for you to take it with you on all your adventures.

Smoking Gun Coffee is based in beautiful Chilliwack BC. We are literally surrounded by gorgeous mountains, lakes and rivers. It’s an outdoor adventureland. So many people who come into our Chilliwack cafe in District 1881 are on their way to or from a hike, a bike ride or heading up to Cultus Lake.

The SG crew loves to get outdoors too. So, it was only natural that we dip our toes in the waters of instant coffee (not literally - no feet were used in the process.)

We beta-tested Thoroughbred this past Winter and the response was incredible. We loved it and so did everyone who tried it. Now, we’ve done a full production run AND we introduced a decaffeinated version, Sundown Decaf.

Thoroughbred has a similar profile to Show Pony. It’s based on a blend of beans from Honduras, Colombia and Ethiopia. It’s chocolatey and smooth with a hint of vibrant citrus. It’s really balanced and crowd-pleasing.

Sundown Decaf was a last-minute addition to the line. We didn’t want to leave decaf drinkers out of the fun and it’s REALLY nice to be able to have some decaf in the pantry for those emergency late-night coffee needs. Sundown is a single origin from Mexico that was naturally decaffeinated via the Mountain Water process.

We’ve really been enjoying having instant coffee on our travels. Brandon took some of the sample batch on his trip to Colombia in February and spared himself the dread of airport and hotel coffee.

It also makes a very delicious cold coffee. If you’re a cold brew fan, this will be similar and super refreshing. Add some oat milk and ice and you’ve got a delightful summer drink.

Let’s geek out on some of the details…

How is it Made?
Instant coffee, also known as soluble coffee, is crafted through a process of brewing regular coffee beans and then freeze-drying or spray-drying the concentrated brew to create a soluble powder. This method preserves the flavour and aroma of the coffee, allowing for quick and easy preparation without the need for brewing equipment.

Where is it Made?
Right here in Canada! High River, Alberta to be precise. We partnered with our pals at Hasty Specialty Coffee and they did an INCREDIBLE job of transforming our award-winning whole bean coffee into an instant coffee that we are all super proud of.

Does it Taste Good?
Oh heck yes it does! Sure, we know instant coffee doesn’t have a great rep, but most of the mass-produced stuff is made with low-grade beans that are roasted with a heavy hand. But, not only has the technology and care increased vastly over the years, many specialty coffee roasters have been crafting surprisingly delicious instant coffees for years now.

The flavour is VERY similar to brewed coffee, with minimal loss to the nuance. You can expect slightly less acidity and perhaps a bit less body. But, you can adjust the amount of hot water you use. We love it with 260 grams of water per packet, but you do you. For the convenience it offers, it can’t be beat

Is it Good for Me?
There are ZERO additives added to our instant specialty coffee. It’s just beans that are ground, brewed, concentrated and freeze-dried through the process of sublimation. You can rest assured, there’s only award-winning coffee and water in your cup.

If you’re worried about caffeine, we also created a decaffeinated version. It too is free of additives as it was decaffeinated naturally using the Descamex Mountain Water Process.

We are truly proud of this coffee and we hope you have the chance to enjoy it! We hope to have this in our offering long-term, but when we launched our beta version it sold out FAST. So, if you’re curious, don’t delay! Check it out here.
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