How to Caffeinate in the Wild - Episode 4 (Pour Over)

How to Caffeinate in the Wild - Episode 4 (Pour Over)

Episode 4: Pour Over

Pour over coffee is slow, romantic, and a great way to accentuate the brighter notes of coffee. There are many different types that vary in shape, filter style, material, and price. We like the Kalita Wave because it is durable, can be used directly on top of a cup (requiring less equipment), and can be used as a single cup brewer. Whatever brewer you choose, the pour over technique remains generally the same.

Gear: Pour over brewer (Kalita Wave), associated filter, mug, water (just off boil), coffee, grinder, scale timer

Total Brew Time: 2.5-3 minutes

1) Boil water - (Rolling boil, then remove lid and let sit for about 30 seconds) If you have a thermometer, I suggest 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2) Weigh & grind coffee - (I like a 5:1 ratio - for a couple cups, try 20 grams of coffee and 320 grams of water)

3) Insert filter & rinse - Discard excess water 

4) Add ground coffee to filter 

5) Bloom - Start timer and add about 40 grams of water slowly and saturate all coffee grounds, letting sit for about 30 seconds.

6) Dose  - Add water until just below the top edge of the filter, let filter down, the top up until you get 320 grams of water total.

7) Brew - Allow all water to filter down, aiming for a total brew time of 2.5-3 minutes. *If brew time is too long, try grinding the coffee slightly coarser. If brew time is too short, try grinding the coffee slightly finer. 

8) Enjoy every sip!

Give it a try and let us know in the comments what you think.

Stay tuned for more brew tutorials!

How to Caffeinate In The Wild - Episode 4 from VSSL on Vimeo.


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