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How to Caffeinate in the Wild - Episode 1 (Aeropress)

How to Caffeinate in the Wild - Episode 1 (Aeropress)

Brandon had the pleasure of working with local legends VSSL on a series of videos on how to take your outdoor coffee game to the next level. 

Episode 1 - Aeropress

The Aeropress was developed in 2005 to manually brew one fantastic cup of coffee at a time, and has become a fan favorite by outdoors enthusiasts and home coffee drinkers alike. Not only a great manual brewing tool, it is affordable, accessible, durable, and incredibly versatile (and the focus of many local, national, and international competitions!). This is just one way to make an Aeropress - there is an infinite amount of recipes and possibilities. Find what you love and enjoy!

Gear: Aeropress Go, filter, water (just off boil), coffee, grinder, scale, timer
Total Brew time: 2 minutes
1) Boil water (rolling boil, then remove lid and let sit for about 30 seconds). If you have a thermometer, I suggest 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit
2) Weigh & grind coffee (I like a 16:1 ratio - for a single cup try 10g coffee, 160g water)
*Try grinding fine for Aeropress (like normal table salt). 
3) Insert filter & rinse - discard excess water
4) Add ground coffee to Aeropress - set on top of cup
5) Add 160g of water slowly and saturate all coffee grounds (can add in doses, or all at once)
6) Give the slurry a quick stir
7) Lightly insert Aeropress plunger to create a seal (but don't plunge yet!)
8) After about 1:30, plunge with slow and controlled pressure (20-30 second plunge). Stop when you hear the hiss.
9) Enjoy every sip!


Give it a try, or let us know your tried and true Aeropress recipes in the comments.

Stay tuned for more brew tutorials.


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