Put a Spring In Your Step with a Lavender Latte.

Put a Spring In Your Step with a Lavender Latte.

Every March at our Chilliwack cafe, our beloved Lavender Latte returns to our coffee shop menu. Of course, you're more than welcome to visit and we'll make it for you. But, if you're not in Chilliwack or you just want to enjoy a drink at home, we can teach you how to make your own lavender syrup!

It only takes a few minutes of prep and it's pretty simple. The best part is that you can make a batch of lavender syrup to last you weeks. You can make lavender lattes with it or add it to sparkling water, pour it on pancakes or french toast or ice cream... the possibilities are nearly endless.

The most important part is, of course, the lavender. We source ours locally from Greendale Lavender Company. Nothing beats the smell when they show up at the cafe with a big bushel of fresh lavender for us!

We highly recommend sourcing some lavender locally. But if you can't, you should be able to find culinary-grade lavender at a specialty grocery store, tea shop or health food store.

Ok, let's cut the preamble and get to the recipe!


1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1.5 tbsp Lavender, secured in a tea bag or cheesecloth.

1. Add sugar and water to a small pot

2. Bring it up to a gentle boil and let it simmer for 5 minutes, whisking occasionally until sugar is fully dissolved

3. Turn off the heat

4. Add lavender (in tea bag or tea steeper) and let steep for 30 minutes

5. Remove lavender and place syrup in a clean container

It can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. If you want a bigger batch, just multiply this recipe!

There you go! Now you can make your own lavender-infused creations at home. Let us know in the comments how you plan to use your lavender syrup.


*DISCLAIMER: hot sugar syrup can cause injury. Always handle with care and the appropriate safety equipment.

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