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Smoking Gun was created out of a true passion and interest in coffee, and has grown into something completely unexpected. We endeavour to tell the story of coffee from around the world, roasting in a style that allows the coffee to express itself through its individual flavour profile, and differentiate itself from other beans and origins. Small batch roasting allows us to ensure high quality, optimal freshness and frequent rotation. We are highly passionate about developing community, collaboration and, of course, great coffee.

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Chilliwack Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters

On September 21, 2021, our dreams became a reality. We officially called Chilliwack our home and launched our own roastery and café.

Although opening the café brought uncertainty and nervousness, our excitement was at the forefront. We weren't the only ones excited because Chilliwack sure brought it! We experienced a consistent wave of customers (some who even waited outside before open) who were extremely kind and supportive. Our first week in our new location was a little crazy and a lot of fun. We felt the love of the community and our customers made us feel like we had been friends forever.

Our café is located in District 1881 in downtown Chilliwack neighboring some cool shops and restaurants (for example, we are right next door to Field House Brewing). District 1881 offers free all-day parking in a large lot across the street from us. Talk about primo real estate. 

We're off to the races once again, settling in the new digs and finding our groove. We are incredibly grateful for where we are and how we got here. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing story.  

Ravens Brewing Company X Smoking Gun Coffee: The OG Collab

Our café story began in the craziest of times! Smoking Gun launched its first commercial roastery within Ravens Brewing in January 2020, and was ready to take on the world!


Naturally, being a wholesaler, the shut downs in March 2020 meant the wheels of SG to grind to a screeching halt. In an effort to keep moving forward (a true "hail Mary"), SG launched its first café in April - CURBSIDE EDITION. 

Orders were placed online, we ripped up the drinks, and literally ran them to car windows! Abbotsford SHOWED UP and made the curbside café blossom into an eventual full service situation (as restrictions lessened), including a patio, indoor seating, food, treats... and always dope coffee! 

The SG X Ravens collab ran hard through Feb 2021 and it was a literal dream. We are so stoked on this part of our journey - the Ravens team have been INSTRUMENTAL in SG's development from side-hustle-to-small biz and we are eternally grateful!

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Highstreet Mall Pop-up Café (Now Closed)

Our experience at Highstreet Mall still feels like a dream! Picture this: a little start-up coffee company slinging as hard as possible during a pandemic is contacted by one of the RADDEST outdoor malls in the Valley, asking if we'd consider popping up for 4 weeks. It took all but 5 minutes before we were locked and loaded!

That 4 week pop-up ended up being almost 4 months! And we enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND!

Big love to everyone who checked us out, enjoyed the vibe and sipped on dope coffee! We'll never forget the opportunity we had at Highstreet, and are so grateful that they are now a part of our story!


Find Us Here

101 - 46168 Yale Road
Chilliwack BC, V2P 0J3

Open daily: 8am - 6pm

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