Welcome to Camp Smoking Gun 2023!

Welcome to Camp Smoking Gun 2023!

Everyone here at Smoking Gun is incredibly excited that y'all chose to join us for this group blind-tasting event! 

As coffee nerds, we love trying different coffees and trying to figure out the varietals and processes just by tasting them. We often do this in our roastery and we wanted to share the experience with our extended SG crew - all of you!

We also wanted to make it fun and unique and what’s more fun than going to summer camp!?

We had no idea if anyone would even be into this idea so we are floored that you chose to participate. We feel honoured and we hope you have a truly memorable and enjoyable experience.

We hope you enjoy the next few weeks and please chime in with your opinions in the comments. And, of course, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on Camp SG in general. You can email us directly at hello@smokingguncoffee.com.

Now let’s get into this week’s roast, Caaaanonball!

We wanted to dive into Camp SG with this super fun yet approachable coffee. Our first sip made us think of runnin' full speed off the end of the dock into the refreshing water of the lake! 

Here's what Camp Counsellor Brandon thinks of this coffee:


PROFILE: Mango, vanilla and green tea. Very juicy with a creamy mouthfeel. 

ORIGIN: Bule Hora, Ethiopia

FARMER: Biniyam Aklilu 

REGION: Oromia



VARIETALS: Dega, Kerume and Wolisho 

A third-generation farmer who has made a name for himself with impeccable coffees, Aklilu likes to experiment with different processing methods. This fully washed coffee is fermented for 36 hours and dried for 15 days. Aklilu’s perfectionism in his process really sets this coffee, and all the coffee coming out of Bule Hora, apart from other Ethiopian beans.

What are you tasting? What do you think of Brandon's outfit? Jump on the bus and let us know in the comments! 👇

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Been really enjoying this on batch brew on my Ratio6. There’s never a bad way to enjoy a washed Ethiopian. Definitely getting a lot of sweetness in the cup with subtle tropical vibes. Can’t wait to try the next three bags!

Tyler Hagan

I have a taste for Ethiopian coffee and I knew immediately that this was gonna be a fav for me. Amazing, brewed on an aero press.


We’re brewing on Chemex too! This lil number is making the sides of my toungue happy and the overall mouthfeel is kind of tannin-y. Best part of waking up.


How did y’all brew it? This one sang for me on the Chemex!

Brandon Litun

Wow, totally had me with the vanilla, mango flavours I was tasting! It wasn’t as strong as I like my coffee, in saying this, this blend is def a summer zone coffee 👏
1:36 PM

Michelle Klassen

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