Wow! Is this the best week EVER at Camp SG?

Wow! Is this the best week EVER at Camp SG?

If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this week’s roast - Trouble in the Mess Hall - you’ll probably agree it’s definitely the WEIRDEST. And we love it.

One of our goals for Camp Smoking Gun was to get some super rare and incredibly interesting beans that we knew probably would never make it into our regular rotation due to many factors. Cost, rarity, flavour profile, and roasting difficulties being the primary roadblocks. But, we love trying new things and we know y’all do too.

We wanted to build a little community of coffee nerds this Summer based on trying new coffees and sharing our thoughts with each other. We pulled out all the stops sourcing these beans and the roastery team deserves a merit badge for dialling these in to coax out so many aromas and flavours.

This is all to say we are super stoked to have you all on this journey with us. Now, to the reveal!

Here’s Brandon waxing poetic on this absolute knock-out:


PROFILE: Dried pineapple, dates, orange juice, macadamia.

ORIGIN: Volcan Azul, Costa Rica

FARMER: Alejo Castro

REGION: West Valley


PROCESS: Natural Warm Anaerobic

VARIETALS: Typica Lima

With over 200 years of family tradition in trading specialty coffee, Alejo Castro’s mission for his family farm has been exclusively focused on improving coffee quality while having a positive impact on the environment. The highly volcanic soil combined with the mill’s impeccable processing methods has produced a long history of award-winning coffees in Costa Rica. This particular coffee features the anaerobic fermentation process which the coffee world has borrowed from winemakers. It results in a whole new range of aromas and flavour profiles for coffee drinkers.

You probably noticed that funky, wine-like aroma when you opened this bag of beans. And the flavours are out of this world, in our opinion.

Let us know what you thought of this coffee in the comments below! 👇

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Late to the party because I wanted to try this more. I didn’t like it. Definitely the bourbon hit that I wasn’t a fan of. I have had similar roasts like this from Modern Times coffee and I couldn’t get on board with it and that’s ok. I love that there is so much variety in coffee. This little camp trip assured me that I know which flavours I really do enjoy. Thanks.


This one definitely is a strange one. The fermented smell can be overwhelming. I drink my coffee/americano black. This one is citrusy but not acidic. But I can’t get pass the smell while drinking it. May not acquire a taste for this one.


This one was super weird, but in the best way for me. I love the transformative power of fermentation so this coffee def spoke my love language.

Brewed on chemex I got dried dates, fermented fruit and a strange nuttiness that reminded me of toasted sunflower seeds. 🤷

I can understand why this one might not make everyone happy, but I really enjoyed trying something different!


Did not like this one at all! Smelled insanely of bourbon to me. No worries though you win some and you lose some, happy cupping!

Eric W Bell

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